Elevate your skincare routine like an expert

Elevate your skincare routine like an expert


found the Manicare® Salon Firming Body Sculptor helped improve skin smoothness*


found the Manicare® Salon Thermal Sonic Cleanser cleaned their skin with ease^


found the Manicare® Salon Magnifying Pore Vacuum helped to visibly clear congestion^


Manicare Salon Thermal Sonic Cleanser

Manicare® Salon Thermal Sonic Cleanser - a rechargeable silicone facial cleansing brush, instantly removes impurities for cleaner, brighter, healthier skin. The next generation of deep and gentle facial cleansing powered by sonic pulsation; combining with warming elements to help open up pores.

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Elevate your skin fitness routine with Manicare® NOVA FIT® firming face massager. Massage is known to improve circulation and reduce tension. Using salon grade Electronic Muscle Stimulation Technology (EMS), Manicare® NOVA FIT® transforms your in-home age defying skin care routine.

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Manicare® NOVA FIT® firming face massager
Manicare Salon Firming Body Sculptor

Manicare® Salon Firming Body Sculptor. Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology stimulates muscles through gentle contractions creating a mini workout to improve tone and firmness for the skin. LIPO vacuum suction mimics petrissage massage technique known to improve skin firmness.

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Manicare® Salon Magnifying Pore Vacuum a rechargeable extraction device, using vacuum suction to remove debris from pores. The in-built 10x magnifying HD camera combining with 3 levels of vacuum suction intensity, helps you to visibly clear congested skin with ease; to help achieve instantly clearer, smoother & luminous skin.

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Manicare Salon Magnifying Pore Vacuum

Customer Reviews

I particularly like the EMS technology - I found it to be quite effective once I figured out the right spots to hit and the right carrier lotion.

MANDYOZ - Firming Body Sculptor

I am in love with this device & i'm honestly unsure how I have gone so long without this product in my life?!? I highly recommend!!

MAGGE H - Thermal Sonic Cleanser

The camera was so easy to set up and WOW talk about HD. Not a single imperfection was missed with quality like that.

HELEN D - Magnifying Pore Vacuum


*Based on a survey of 10 beautyheaven Trial Team members.
^Based on a survey of 20 beautycrew Trial Team members.